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  • Will there be a replay?
    Yes – you’ll receive a replay of both sessions after the sessions have been completed.

    We advise you to come to the live, so you can ask any questions!
  • Can I apply this to other parts of my business?
    Yes, Gamification can work in all parts of your business, including your personal life.

    The main focus of this course will be lead magnets, however, you can apply the market research tips to any market research you are doing, and the marketing tips to any marketing you are doing.

    Please note though that the content is focused on creating more engagement and downloads of your freebie.
  • Will you teach me how to make a lead magnet?
    No – there are many courses out there for that, this mini-course is about using Gamification for market research and marketing your freebie only.

  • Is there any 1-1 time?
    No – you may ask questions during each session which will be answered live, however there is no 1-1 time during this.

    We do provide consultation services if you would prefer 1-1 time.

A 2- part Gamification mini-course


 All about Gamification, what it is and using it for market research, increasing engagement and increasing sales with a focus on: 

 Launching your freebie and examples for courses, memberships, free challenges and affiliate launches. 


Part 1: Gamification, workshop number 1. 

What it is and WHY it's vital for market research, engagement and sales. 


Part 2: How to use Gamification for market research, increasing engagement and sales. 

 Things included in this two-part masterclass:  

Using gamification to come up with an idea for a freebie that your audience truly desires. 

Using gamification to market that freebie. 

Using gamification to increase online sales conversions (including 5 explanations about the why and the how and then 5 tools and concepts you can use to get implementing.) 

Using gamification to increase engagement (including why engagement is important, some questions you can ask yourself to create more engagement in a way that works for your audience and a quick win